Here at REME Industrial Flooring Ltd, we try our very best to help people understand that epoxy resin flooring isn’t just for use in warehouses, hospitals, kitchens, domestic garages, and other industrial working environments. Many homeowners make use of sleek, stylish, and shiny epoxy flooring in their homes. However, these surfaces aren’t just for aesthetics – they’re also incredibly durable. Homeowners boast of the items they have dropped on their epoxy floors and how their floors have withstood the impact time and time again. If there is anyone wondering what exactly epoxy resin flooring is, then do not fret, REME flooring is here to help!

In the most basic terminology; epoxy flooring is a synthetic material that contains thermosetting polymers and epoxide, forming an incredibly durable plastic. As epoxy flooring is installed by hand, homeowners will often jump to the conclusion that this flooring method is a bad idea in a domestic environment. Poorly maintained concrete floors in kitchens and other domestic rooms will often have obvious signs of wear tear, which can lead many to assume this will come out in the epoxy flooring. However, this is not the case; having the old floors prepared beforehand will allow for the new epoxy flooring to set perfectly.

Once your floor is prepped, poured and cured, you will instantly see how fantastic the results are. An epoxy resin floor can really elevate the space that you live in and significantly improve the way you feel about your home. It’s a similarly imaginative yet practical choice as getting concrete worktops in your kitchen. There is some common sense involved in having epoxy flooring in your living space; for example, they are obviously quite slippery when wet and furniture may benefit from felt pads. But best of all, these floors are so easy to clean. Most will boast about simply needing a damp cloth to remove marks or stains from their floor. 

If you wish to learn more about epoxy resin flooring, do not hesitate to contact REME Industrial Flooring Ltd today. We are more than happy to provide you with information on our durable flooring methods and how they can significantly improve any domestic and industrial environment.