Any facility in the food and beverage industry relies heavily on the longevity of their equipment and industrial flooring system. Each and every element within the facility is fine-tuned to the specifications and regulations required by the facility, ensuring that production is at maximum efficiency and maintained throughout each working day. Here at REME Industrial Flooring Ltd, we understand a company’s needs for quality flooring solutions, in order to provide their workforce with the tools necessary to be as productive as possible. Here we will look further into the importance of having a quality industrial flooring system installed in your food and beverage facility to maximise efficiency and longevity.

The quality and general state of a floor in an industrial environment is vitally important to make sure that everything is functioning as it should. A failing floor is an almost instantaneous way of bringing production to a complete stop, causing various trip and slip hazards, potentially losing the company significant amounts of time and money that most won’t have to waste during the floors repair or replacement period.

REME Industrial Flooring Ltd has developed a fantastic methodology to provide a variety of facilities within the food and beverage industry with quality flooring systems that will stand the test of time. These floors can last for up to 15 years and have remarkable hygienic, high performance, and slip resistant properties.


Industrial Flooring


Those within the food and beverage industry who have chosen to have REME install a quality epoxy resin industrial floor know that the floor in their facility has been protected for the long term. Now that they are protected against unfortunate accidents in the workplace and delays in production, there will be no surprise costs and production can be as efficient as ever.

The increased cost of a quality, thicker flooring system will often lead businesses to look at the cheaper alternatives that are available; however, choosing a lower quality floor will often backfire and end up costing the company a significant amount more on replacing the cheaper floor much sooner.

There are so many health and safety factors to consider when working in the food and beverage industry. The hygienic properties can be particularly beneficial during a food-based illness that has begun to spread that was formed and built-up in between the gaps found in lesser quality and deteriorating floors. The anti-slip properties of an epoxy resin industrial floor are invaluable in a food and beverage based working environment.

Contact REME today and specify the type of industrial floor that think you will need and the properties that will suit your working environment to save you money before installation begins. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with as much information as you desire to ensure you get the best results possible.