REME Industrial Flooring was recently approached by North Wales based coffee roasting company, Heartland Coffi. We specialise in the installation and transformation of your existing floor into a durable, hard wearing industrial floor made from durable epoxy resin and polyurethane composites, and this was the perfect flooring solution for Heartland Coffi.

Heartland was started up by Malcolm, who came to the United Kingdom from New Zealand and set up shop in London. He noticed that a lot of Australian and New Zealanders were heading over to the UK to make coffee as they were struggling to find a decent cup anywhere. Soon they started up a roasting company and became a part of the coffee wave. Relocating to North Wales a few years ago, the coffee scene has continued to expand and now the company is in need of a bigger worker space with a quality, durable floor.

The coffee roasting specialists were in need of a hard wearing industrial floor for their new base of operations on Builders Street, Llandudno. The warehouse will become the home of their industrial coffee roasting machinery and equipment, as well as being open to the public. The idea is that the local community will have the opportunity to come and see how Heartland Coffi products are made and the high standards that are present during the roasting process.

This means that REME was responsible for installing a floor that would take the weight of the coffee roasting machinery, as well as the inevitably heavy foot traffic that would be present during opening hours. The installation was a success and as you can see from the project photos, the new floor is a drastic improvement to the old one. We ground the existing floor to create a more adhesive surface and to reveal all the present imperfections, which were then filled to create an even surface on which to apply the epoxy resin composite.

If you wish to completely transform your working environment like Heartland Coffi, do not hesitate to get in touch with the REME Industrial Flooring team today.