As well as two-part epoxy resin, one-part epoxy resin has a range of benefits and applications. However, it has become clear that this particular product has not been accurately understood by many in a range of industry sectors. In fact, there are many that do not fully understand the broad range of benefits of any epoxy resin flooring in industrial environments. So, REME Flooring would like to help you gather information on epoxy resin, to increase your knowledge on the subject and to improve your understanding of the many benefits of both one and two-part epoxy resin floors.

A Brief Summary

One-part epoxy resin has several similar attributes to two-part epoxy resin. The first major similarity is their use of epoxy resin, which is quite obviously the fundamental component. The primary difference between them is the curing agents used during preparation. An epoxy resin flooring system is characterised by their high levels of flexibility within their compounds due to their strength and stability. The flexibility and other properties of an epoxy resin compound can be altered by altering the compound ingredients.

The Demand for Epoxy Resin

Here at REME, we know that there is a demand for epoxy resin flooring systems in a wide range of industrials sectors. The demand comes in various forms; whether it is needed for flooring systems or other areas of an industrial working environment. We specialise in the installation of epoxy resin flooring, and we have seen the clear demand for this material to replace and improve any tired or damaged existing floors.

What is Epoxy Resin?

The term “epoxy resin” is a generic name given to the various compounds and curing agents found in the mixture. The compound amounts can vary depending on the requirements of each working environment and the existing floor, creating a wide selection of properties and attributes that are certain to be incredibly beneficial.

Properties of One-Part Epoxy Resin

One-part epoxy resin is incredibly strong; however, it is known to be rather brittle without the use of an elasticity agent. An elasticity agent significantly improves the mechanical strength of the epoxy resin. It is also designed to prevent the forming of cracks due to drastic changes in temperature, as well as preventing distortion from various sources.

The heat resistance of epoxy resin compounds will always depend on the epoxy resin selected for use. Fillers or “bulking agents” can also be used in an epoxy resin flooring mixture to improvement to the overall strength of the epoxy resin as well as providing more heat and distortion resistance.

If you have any further questions about one-part or two-part epoxy resin flooring, or about a project idea that you may have, do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today. We are more than happy to provide you with as much information as you require to fully understand the benefits of an epoxy resin flooring system.