As time goes by, polymeric materials are slowly but surely replacing the conventional materials used within epoxy resin flooring coating applications. Polymer-based coating materials are made up of a polymer coat and a substrate adhered to each other, through a very specific process. This particularly complex process allows for the incorporation of additional properties, which will contribute to the attributes of the flooring system. The overall durability can be improved, as well as the resistance to liquids, gases and dirt particles.

In a range of flooring applications, there is also the opportunity to introduce antimicrobial properties, to enhance conductivity, and provide a shield from electromagnetic interference. These properties are particularly present within epoxy resin; their excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, fantastic adhesive properties, low shrinkage rate, and low installation costs, are being widely used within a wide variety of industrial sectors. So, here we will look further into the chemistry of durable resin flooring systems, to help you further understand the reasons behind their increased usage.


Polyurethanes are an important class of polymers that display a variety of desirable attributes throughout their coating, adhesive, and sealant applications. The biggest benefit of polyurethane-based coatings is their ability to cure and dry at ambient temperatures. Should the flooring system be installed in an environment of varying temperatures, a curing agent can be added to lower the curing temperature from an elevated to ambient temperature.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxies are the types of resin that come under the “thermoset” family of resins, alongside polyester, silicone, urethane, melamine, acrylics and phenolics. Once cured, an epoxy resin solution cannot be melted simply by heat. This makes epoxy resins rather unique when placed among the other flooring solutions. Due to their reusability properties, epoxy resins are used in the “potting and casting” process to form strong, lightweight and foamy flooring with incredibly insulation properties.

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