Flooring is literally the foundations on which your business is built, and we know that it is absolutely essential that you get things right from the get-go.

Reme collaborates with all parties involved in your project to deliver a complete industrial flooring solution experience. We ensure that all aspects of the design and performance are factored into the process from the very beginning.

A damaged or improperly installed floor surface can cause some major issues with efficiency, safety and hygiene. It is imperative that you have the right floor for the job, costs and time required to repair consistently damaged floors can really set you back.

And so, getting it right the first time around is so important. With the best possible design, most suitable product and the proper installation.


Compared with the average garage floor, epoxy resin floors are bright and professional. The appearance alone is enough of a reason to invest.

The smooth, even surface is a joy to clean and maintain. Cleaning up a mess is extremely easy.


Compared with other kind of flooring, the cost per square foot of epoxy are tough to beat. It can be installed directly over concrete and other kinds of flooring. The installation costs are much lower than the others. Pricing is one of the most obvious and advantageous benefits you’ll find with epoxy flooring.


Epoxy floors are very resistant to about everything, including oil,  gasoline, blech, transmission fluids, cleansers and much more! This is one of the main reasons that they are often used in garages in the production industry.


Distinctively valued for durability, epoxy floors have longer lifespans than other floor types. Concrete is the only material that can beat it, but is difficult to maintain and can react to certain chemicals and needs to be sealed. Epoxy flooring needs concrete to be below it regardless. Epoxy floor coating makes renders exceptionally durable.


Epoxy flooring protects the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. In the long run, it can save you a lot on cleaning, and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to clean carpet or grout it’s also very reasonably priced for the duration and level of protection that it offers.


Epoxy lasts much longer than other kinds of flooring, so when it’s installed correctly it can actually last several decades without cracking or peeling. Besides durability its lifespan makes it popular for commercial and industrial use.


One of the lesser known advantages of using epoxy on garage floors is that it enhances visibility inside the garage by reflecting light off the floor.

Variety and Choice

It’s a good choice to decorate your floors thanks to the different options available. You can get epoxy flooring in a very wide variety of colours, that can add a flawless, smooth, elegant shine. You can also get it installed in traditional or personalised patterns can designs. The sheer number of choices and variety available makes it a great way to upgrade plain concrete and improve the ambience of a workspace.