Floorgraphix by REME Industrial Flooring

Floorgraphix is a new concept in decorative epoxy resin flooring.  Epoxy resin flooring has a proven track record as a durable seamless floor covering for all industry sectors.  Until recently, epoxy resin flooring has been limited to simple patterned finishes or expensive designs created by building up many different solid colours.

Floorgraphix allows us to combine endless creative designs with the durability associated with epoxy resin floors.  Working in partnership with a national multigraphics company, we are using cutting edge printing techniques and materials which allows us to incorporate logo’s, complicated patterns, computer generated images or even photographs into a clear epoxy resin binder.  We can even create floors to mimic traditional coverings such as tiles, vinyl or timber floors without the joints.


Bespoke Design

Whatever you or your client desires can now be achieved at a very competitive price and a much reduced downtime.  Available in a matt or gloss finish, with or without anti-slip, the potential for creating a functional but bespoke is boundless.

Floorgraphix is ideally suited to retail outlets, car showrooms, museums, theme parks, schools, hospitals, bars/nightclubs and many other applications where an eye-catching creative floor will be a stunning feature.

Let your imagination run wild with Floorgraphix!